Sunday Wake Surf Sessions!

New to wake surfing or been wake surfing for years? Looking for ways to meet other surfers or don't have access to a boat? Just want some stoke to close out the weekend?

Wherever you're coming from, we got you covered! 

Summer Sunday Session Schedule
Registration will open up at least two weeks prior to each session.

  • Fill out the form for the date above for each surfer to register and you will receive a follow-up email!
  • Please also note that the price of each option is affected by the number of max surfers on each boat (e.g. fewer surfers, slightly higher price, and more ride time). We did decrease the number of surfers per boat across the board this year.
  • The cost of each session covers gas, boat maintenance, and access to the equipment and water. The fun, fellowship, tips, and instruction are free.
  • If you have questions or clarifications, reach out to!