Ripple Effect Program

At Surf ATL, our vision is to foster the joy of riding waves and we aim to uphold that vision through impacting our local and regional community along with the communities we come into contact with through travel, trips, and further community connection.

Like throwing a stone in a pond and watching the ripples fill the area far beyond where the stone landed, we can positively affect others outside of our direct reach. 

And that's why we are building partnerships with organizations who align with this view and where we have created bonds and relationships.

Our community will grow with the ripples and, ultimately, joy will spread.

So join us in supporting our first two Ripple Effect programs: Boys & Girls Club of Lanier and Caribbean Surf Connection.

Boys & Girls Club of Lanier Surf Program

We worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Lanier and other partners in 2023 to launch their first wake surf program and we are planning to continue the program in 2024 along with an ocean surfing trip.

Check out what we did last year with the program. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lanier provides kids and teens with a safe, fun and engaging environment after school and during the summer to promote academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

We already raised $4k at our end of year party but we want to continue to push contributions to support this program. You can donate directly to to the Boys & Girls Club of Lanier or you can donate below with ALL donations going directly to resources for the surf program like life jackets, boat drivers, instructors, and other needs.

Caribbean Surf Connection

We have traveled to the Dominican Republic three times over the last two years and have grown an affinity for the work that Carambola Surf House and Caribbean Surf Connection does to connect youth to the joy of riding waves. We are working on completing a full feature on Isael Brito Ortiz, putting a spotlight on his path and future in surfing.

Caribbean Surf Connection's mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that empowers children in the Dominican Republic through the transformative power of surfing.

You can donate directly to to the Caribbean Surf Connection or you can donate below with ALL donations going directly to local athletes like Isael, allowing them to travel and experience surfing outside of DR, and to support future events, contests, and mechanisms to support youth surfing in DR.